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CDNet ScratchPad Released

As is plain to see, the CoeusDesigns website isn't actively used. While I have a few clients, I have to keep the number low due to time constraints. I have, however, managed to kick out a handy little script to help with organization and note taking.
The ScratchPad is a simple tool for recording notes from anywhere you need to. Give 'er a go if you're like me and have to track multiple projects across various locations. As of 2015 all development of the ScratchPad has ceased.

Have A Nice Day!
-Jay "Coeus" Lawler

Welcome to Coeus Designs!

Please let me be the first to welcome you to the launch of my new website. I wanted it simple because thats my design philosophy - K.I.S.S. as the popular addage goes, Keep It Smart & Simple! Here you won't find fancy shmancy flash effects, or cheesey animated gifs, but what you will find are very simple designs that are easy on the eyes, easy on the browser, and easy on the user - both as a site owner for updating and managing your website, but also for the end user in navigating the website. For details on how I tend to program my websites please see the About page. If you are interested in contracting me for a website please Contact Me!

Have A Nice Day!
-Jay "Coeus" Lawler