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Jay "Coeus" Lawler has been designing and building websites on the internet since the mid 1990's when he started doing it as a hobby. He started off making team websites for gaming clans & squads, before getting involved with Dragon's Breath Records in the early 2000's where he stepped up into more and more aggressive programming roles. Also in the early 2000's he chose to completely revamp his CN Admin (formally DNAdmin) website Content Management System, which he had originally started in the late 1990's, a project which is still going on to this day.

"Keep It Smart & Simple" or K.I.S.S. sums up the design philosphy of Coeus Designs. Make the websites easy to navigate, simple looking, and very user-friendly & functional and they will succeed. With backends written in the PHP programming language and powered by MySQL - a flexible and functional database system - websites have the ability to do anything the customer comes up with (within rational reasoning obviously!). If it can be done in PHP & MySQL then it is available to you.